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[H]: Gen 3-8 Retail/Emulator RNGs || [W]: Paypal

Official site with links on crime and prevention, victims' rights, consumer protection and civil rights. Archive of news releases by year from 1995 to the present. Also available in Spanish and six other languages. The Worst of the Worst - Avoid These Phony Contractors & Con Artists. In our ongoing effort to protect California consumers, CSLB has identified some of the worst unlicensed violators who are known to prey on vulnerable and unsuspecting homeowners when they are seeking contractors for new home or home improvement projects. ENERGY STAR is the simple choice for energy efficiency. For more than 20 years, EPA's ENERGY STAR program has been America's resource for saving energy and protecting the environment. Yaesu Station: FR-100B, FL-100B, FL-1000, YD-844A. LDG Z11 AUTO TUNER. 100' Ladder Line Coronavirus Update View All Updates. Dear Patients, Residents and Families. Open to Visitors with Precautions With few limitations, visitation is now allowed for all residents at all times, while continuing to follow all Core Principles of COVID-19 infection prevention (CMS QSO-20-39-NH REVISED). Outdoor visitation is still preferred where possible, even in lower risk community conditions and ... Remarks by President Biden at Signing of H.R. 3684, The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act November 15, 2021 ... On June 22, 2000, UCSC and the other members of the International Human Genome Project consortium completed the first working draft of the human genome assembly, forever ensuring free public access to the genome and the information it contains. The academic, spiritual and professional development center for Reform Judaism, offering undergraduate and graduate studies in Los Angeles, graduate studies in New York City and Cincinnati, and Biblical archaeology research and education in Jerusalem. State Parks. Headquarters 901 S. Stewart Street Suite 5005 Carson City, Nevada 89701 (775) 684-2770 Click Here for COVID-19 RELATED ORDERS, PROCEDURES, AND CHANGES IN OPERATION FOR DNJ (Updated 1/06/22) Click here regarding Telephone Scam Involving the U.S. District Court’s Identification

2022.01.21 23:38 Porta_14 [H]: Gen 3-8 Retail/Emulator RNGs || [W]: Paypal

[svirtual] Hello everyone, today I'm putting at everyone's disposal my RNG services. I can RNG on almost all games (Gen 3-8 including Colosseum & XD). I can RNG up to Shiny Eggs and Legendaries (if they are available on my games, unless you request a new run). In return, I am looking for Paypal. Prices are set, however, they can be negotiated in bulk orders. I live outside the US, so buyer will have to cover International fees.
RNG services:

Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi  
Colosseum Shiny E-readers Pokemon Box Shiny Bonus Eggs  
My Exchange Reference My FlairHQ
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2022.01.21 23:38 AstralDimensionz Have a friend who wants to sell their account, who is the god amongst this subreddit who everyone suggests contacting?

I cant remember the username, but I remember there being a person who is very good at this and is always listed in these posts.
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2022.01.21 23:38 Nerditter Final Fantasy Mix

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2022.01.21 23:38 Orbit_CH3MISTRY The Journeys Eve

Besides the rewards, what is the point? The levels are not challenging even a little bit. In fact they waste time - today’s level had about 15 empty tiles. The only tile with an enemy was the last and obviously it was impossible to lose.
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2022.01.21 23:38 External_Cow_2662 To all the Shopify employees:

How is life as a digital nomad working for Shopify? Are their fairly accepting of you living in a different city/country every 6-12 months? I’m aware of their 90 day program, but nothing beyond that.
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2022.01.21 23:38 magicmailes smash or pass?🙈

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2022.01.21 23:38 AdPuzzleheaded9829 Has anyone here used, currently use, or have heard of CryptoAltum?

As an unregulated company, they appear legit. I've checked out their company on TrustPilot and visited nearly every result on Google about them and so far, so good, except for the fact that they are unregulated. I am curious to see if anyone on here have had any experience trading with them and could vouch for them.
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2022.01.21 23:38 Stephen652009 Game dalema

Which should I do
View Poll
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2022.01.21 23:38 LEGIONxELECTRO Friendship Regain 💪💪😤😤

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2022.01.21 23:38 WTMCMaher Can someone maybe help me choose a gaming laptop? And Why you chose said laptop

Can someone maybe help me choose a gaming laptop? And Why you chose said laptop
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2022.01.21 23:38 r00dscr33n Wait... what?

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2022.01.21 23:38 Average-00 How to have yuri’s special proc before combat?

Hello I’m getting wrecked by yuri in summoners duel and decided to try him out.
The build I’m looking for is L&d 3 Special spiral Time pulse L&d seal
I tried him out in a practice game and he has his cooldown to 2.
Do I need to have a IP on a teammate of something?
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2022.01.21 23:38 madcowga Weed sales were up last year

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2022.01.21 23:38 ZoobBot 202392

This is the 202392nd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.21 23:38 Lieuallen New Pedestrian Bridge Asset Pack

New Pedestrian Bridge Asset Pack There's a new Pedestrian Bridge Pack on the Workshop. It has all the pieces you need to create an elevated walkway of any shape or size. Cover it with an invisible pedestrian path and it works great!
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2022.01.21 23:38 chopperhead2020 Childhood friends set to open Columbus’ first sober bar

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2022.01.21 23:38 808State_ A little “cool guide” for some out there

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2022.01.21 23:38 LSN98989 Some sellers aren't shipping to Hangzhou (warehouse location)

Can someone explain what's going on?
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2022.01.21 23:38 surf526 if I stop taking the pill today, I am protected for the sex I had yesterday?

I hope I can ask this here.
I just spent an evening in the ER and after all the questions related to my birth control, I am officially freaked out. I just want to get off of this medication (even though I was medically cleared.) And I am okay with having protected sex going forward.
But yesterday, I had unprotected sex on the pill. I didn’t miss any pills in this pack. There are only 3 active pills left in my pack, but I really don’t want to take them. So if I stop taking my pills today, will I be protected for the sex I had yesterday? I imagine yes because placebo week … but still. I want to be certain. And going forward, use condoms , etc.
I am feeling massive anxiety that perhaps the pill did contribute to my ER visit today, and perhaps it was missed.
I’d ask my doctor but their office is closed for the weekend.
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2022.01.21 23:38 AnonZoroastrian Caption This – 22nd January

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2022.01.21 23:38 ArtByLeynnia Which should Lancer refer to Queen as?

View Poll
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2022.01.21 23:38 AceCombat9519 Doctor debunks DeSantis' claim about Covid-19 vaccines

Doctor debunks DeSantis' claim about Covid-19 vaccines submitted by AceCombat9519 to politics [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 23:38 idonthaveagooduse [Carlin] Doc Rivers was asked by @NBAKrell what about the loss could be attributed to coaching and he answered: “Would you ask Pop that question? No you wouldn’t. So don’t ask me that question. I’ve earned that.”

[Carlin] Doc Rivers was asked by @NBAKrell what about the loss could be attributed to coaching and he answered: “Would you ask Pop that question? No you wouldn’t. So don’t ask me that question. I’ve earned that.” submitted by idonthaveagooduse to nba [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 23:38 funtastrophe Good support experience

Hey, I wanted to give positive shout out to FreedomFi support. I had a weird issue with my device not getting default gateway, and while it still may yet recur, I'm finally syncing with an updated dashboard that seems to load more quickly than before and has more options, I have some idea of potential workarounds if the problem comes back, and generally it looks like I may start seeing real progress on the Helium-app side in a few days.
So, thanks a ton fellas, and I look forward to soon taking the next step and hooking up the cell radio!
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2022.01.21 23:38 delta-king87 Crosby better get an upgrade now…

Just scored a hatty plus an assist for 4 points. If this ain’t enough I guess they’re leaving him at 91 for the year
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