Biden Praised for $15 Minimum Wage Hike for All Federal Workers

2022.01.22 00:28 HonoredPeople Biden Praised for $15 Minimum Wage Hike for All Federal Workers

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2022.01.22 00:28 Mister-happierTurtle Are you kidding me lmao

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2022.01.22 00:28 Narkanin Why I Dislike Netflix’s Geralt

I know this is a very unpopular opinion, but I’m not just bashing the show. I’ve been trying to figure out why I can’t seem to like this show and perhaps it’s because I came to enjoy CDPR’s version of the world and Geralt far too much, though I enjoyed some of the books as well. But I finally realized that my big issue with Netflix’s portrayal of Geralt is that they compressed his identity into a very one dimensional portrayal of masculinity: huge muscles, deep voice. Now putting aside the fact that being very bulky would be unsustainable and impractical as a swordsman in a world where you’re likely to go hungry often, Geralt in the show is really nothing but a very standard and flat portrayal of masculinity. Imo, he was very much the image of stoic masculinity in the game and books, but it was effortless and more simply an ever present side effect of his surroundings. He was strong because he engaged in combat, stoic because he preferred to observe instead of judge and because he’d become jaded. But what was more front and center was his ongoing empathy for all living things despite appearance. And I feel that the Netflix team simply ignored all that to make his character some sort of super hero like version of Geralt. Instead of being an imperfect and nuanced individual masked in stoicism, he would now not loook out of place doing a super hero pose with a cape on. I believe I now better understand why a lot of women get upset when female characters are so often reduced to sexualized, stereotypical and one dimensional roles that make no sense i.e. wearing armor that offers zero protection.
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2022.01.22 00:28 HopeLoveLess_ Send me leaks

I really want to spoil myself this season because why not lol. So anyone have any leaks pls send them. Thanks. I would also be more than willing to discuss the leaks with you.
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2022.01.22 00:28 FLOOR_GANG420 my gfs dad just found out that we kiss

ok so i went over to my girlfriends house and as we have to go, we kiss. my mom and her mom already knew about that. her dad didn’t. luckily he doesn’t seem to care but still on end. he found out because her little sister saw us kissing and told their dad. close call?
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2022.01.22 00:28 AegisShimon I found this script, and I wanted to ask a question

Encontrei esse script, e queria tirar uma dúvida Instead of making queries in AD and storing in a .js, there is in some repository on github or some blog something with this visual style in HTML but that it was only necessary to put the hostname and via powershell it would connect to the remote machine and obtain these same information? This would be very interesting, because all we had to do was type the hostname and we would have the computer information (for a demand that I have, this would satisfy me 100%)
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2022.01.22 00:28 beepblopnoop Oh I feel terrible I canceled an order for non-delivery then found it on my neighbor's porch 20 minutes later...

We have covid. It sucks. I sent the driver a text saying what cars were in our driveway and please leave at door. Got a notification it was delivered but no food. I tried to call the driver 4 times. Finally canceled the order as not delivered. My son said he saw someone pull up, so I tiptoed next door and sure enough, there's our food.
I feel terrible. I mean, answer the phone and this would have been nbd. I tipped 20%, just trying to feed my sick family. Ugh. I really feel awful, I canceled it be for I found the food. (our houses are pretty far apart, it's not like she left it at an apartment next door, I even described the house and cars in the driveway, and I did try to call, I just feel terrible.)
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2022.01.22 00:28 Content-Fly7323 BITMART ARE BEING SHADY AS FUCK

Who can't sell or trade on Bitmart, am done with this absolute sham of an outfit, soon as am home to do two step verification am out....
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2022.01.22 00:28 PeachValuable9421 What is your best or most bizarre "Don't Knock It Until You Try It" items?

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2022.01.22 00:28 saurin212 Rogan Unloads On CNN: ‘They Disseminate Propaganda,’ Coverage Is ‘Preposterous’

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2022.01.22 00:28 EsTriste Evangelion if it were a drift anime

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2022.01.22 00:28 Basic_Ad_1489 Halo edition series X question

I know that this has happened to other version of Xbox’s but I have the halo one currently. Does any buddy get where after they start up their box that it won’t start games or apps right away? You can keep pressing the button but nothing opens then a few min later it will day sorry rewards took to long to open.
How does one fix this it’s annoying af.
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2022.01.22 00:28 Fuse-Chronicles Things To Note As A First Time International Traveler Part 1 - Frequentl...

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2022.01.22 00:28 ShyKittyClub FREE NFT GIVEAWAY Every 24 hrs | Drop Address

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2022.01.22 00:28 Puzzleheaded_Cry3545 Already received rejection letters from 3 schools

ED1 rejection ED2 rejection And one RD rolling rejection
I don't know how I feel Probably just...worthless :)
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2022.01.22 00:28 omegaphallic Magic: The Gathering Commander Legends Battle for Baldur's Gate Accessories — Ultra•PRO - PHD Games

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2022.01.22 00:28 Matlabguru Java Vs JavaScript

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2022.01.22 00:28 Isbot2000 Hourly Wholesomeness

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2022.01.22 00:28 WittyRazzmatazz2110 I can see James Harden signing with the Knicks. What do you think?

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2022.01.22 00:28 Kunphen Texas attorney general refuses to hand over Jan. 6 records

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2022.01.22 00:28 ebohohvzfo Internet for a Dummy

So I need to get internet for my apartment, but I have absolutely ZERO clue what to do. Like ZERO. And I desperately need help. To give some background on my situation: I'm in Melbourne so there's good connectivity, I live alone, and all I need internet for is the basics (web browsing, youtube, netflix). Annnd that's pretty much it. I'm needing advice from beginning to end if anyone is willing to help a severely tech-dyslexic out.
Do I need to purchase a portable modem? On estimation, how many GB of internet do you think I'll need per month? What's a reasonable amount to pay for what I use? What's a good, affordable provider? Where do I go to purchase said internet?
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2022.01.22 00:28 robusto_esplendido [Thank You] True-satisfaction-87!!

Thank you so much for the adorable card and extra extra cute stickers!!! 💕
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2022.01.22 00:28 TotallyNotABot213 mêmêłörd, reviver of memes, destroyed of grandfather

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2022.01.22 00:28 Richy_777 Why would lego do this?

This is a little bit of a rant so be warned;
Basically I saw how Honey was giving $20 USD cashback for the Stranger Things 75810, I wanted the VIP points, and that it was about to retire on the USA store. I however, live in Australia, and Lego decided to retire the set in all countries except the US.
The set on ebay Australia was going for well over $430 AUD ($308 USD) but I wanted the VIP points and honey cashback, plus it would be about $60 cheaper with a US to AUS mail forwarding service.
Unfortunately, 10 minutes after putting the order through LEGO cancelled the order. They said the reason was they don't allow any third party mailing service (maybe trying to protect the Australian market?). So THEN I asked my Auntie and Uncle in Virginia if I could send the set to them so they could send it to me, luckily they agreed.
Why would Lego do this? Why not retire the set at the same time worldwide? Why not just let someone use a mail ordering service because they don't want to be overcharged in their own country?
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2022.01.22 00:28 Working-Aardvark-420 I don’t hate NTs

I know some people do, but I don’t. That would be no better than them hating us for being Autistic. I ENVY NTs honestly, it’s probably unhealthy, but it’s definitely there. I just don’t think everyone is the same, we can all be assholes, regardless of what we have.
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